Free Expired comGLOVES


These comGLOVES are past their 10 month shelf life and are therefore not quite as strong as they once were but still ready to do your dirty work!

Please note we will not accept returns or exchanges of this product and cannot guarantee the quality of this pallet wrap as it is past its expiry date.


Sometimes, (especially in these times of increased hygiene concern) disposable gloves are essential. Now you can use them without having to create a heap of plastic waste.

Ideal for use as : Food Preparation gloves, Cash handling gloves, Hygiene gloves

I’m certified Home Compostable so you can dispose of me in your own backyard, or put me in with your commercial compost collection – a great option for cafes and hospitality providers who are also getting their compostable coffee cups and food scraps picked up for composting.

200 Per Box  (100 pairs) | 3 x Sizes

CERTIFICATIONS AS 5810 Home Compostable | OK Home Compost | Seedling AS 4736 | Food Safe to stringent EU Standards

A shipping rate of $1/kg will apply for this product. 
BY SWITCHING TO THIS PRODUCT You will make Positive Impact

We believe in measurable impact, so we track every purchase you make with us and tally up your total impact in your My Account dashboard. By purchasing this product, you will make a positive impact in these ways …

1 tree planted per order

Mailers are available in the following designs

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