About us

About Us

Better Packaging Co. is a carbon neutral BCorp founded by
Rebecca Percasky and Kate Bezar in 2018. While most sustainable packaging does ‘less
bad’, Better Packaging Co. goes further and creates packaging that delivers a whole lot of good instead!

Having seen firsthand the amount of plastic waste generated by the eCommerce industry, Rebecca and Kate decided to start with courier packaging. Their range has since expanded to include garment bags, labels, ziplock bags, envelopes, pallet wrap and more.

As a leader in this industry we are continuously innovating and know how important it is to set the highest standard. We guarantee our products’ quality and ensure they conform to the most rigorous global certifications.

Our headquarters are in New Zealand, but we are an Australian Ltd company (with an ABN) as well as a NZ Ltd Co. We have warehousing and distribution in both countries as well as the USA, UK, EU and China.


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