We're happy to make Guarantees

Our packaging is not like virgin plastic.

Here's the thing, plastic has evolved over decades to become what it is today - an extremely high-performing material that is virtually indestructible.

Our comPOST range is made from bio-plastics, they're partly made from plants and they're designed to break down i.e. not last FOREVER. As a more natural product, they are more prone to fluctuations in quality and consistency. They are also a relatively new material and the technology and know-how around their production is constantly evolving.

Likewise, our POLLAST!C Range is made by recycling some of the grubbiest, worst quality plastic out there (it has literally been picked up off beaches and out of ditches). After extensive R&D, we have managed to recycle this pollution into satchels, poly bags and more, however it will contain impurities, the surface texture will not be perfectly smooth and as such it is harder to print on. Please don’t hold it to the same standards of perfection as virgin plastic – it’s different because it is!

To compensate for the above, we have extensive QA testing in place at our manufacturing sites and are confident in the quality of whatever leaves them. If however, something slips through the cracks, please do let us know and we will replace or refund your purchase - guaranteed.


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